Assistant Professor, Statistics

Grand Valley State University


My name is Andrew DiLernia and I am an assistant professor in the Statistics Department at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). I grew up in Potterville, Michigan and spent my undergraduate years at GVSU. I attended the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities for my graduate studies and thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful activities that the Twin Cities have to offer. In my free time I enjoy casually playing the piano, running, playing basketball, watching football, and most of all spending time with my cat Lei and significant other Lauren. Fall is by far my favorite season since it has the best weather and scenery of the year.

  • Machine learning methods for neuroimaging data
  • Predictive modeling
  • Computing and data visualization
  • Teaching
  • Ph.D., Biostatistics, 2021

    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

  • B.S., Mathematics and Statistics, 2016

    Grand Valley State University


Grand Valley State University
Assistant Professor, Statistics
Aug 2021 – Present Allendale, MI
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
Aug 2016 – Jul 2021 Minneapolis, MN
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  (1) Research assistant:

  • Developed and implemented novel machine learning methods for the analysis of high-     dimensional neuroimaging data.
  • Used remote Linux servers for parallel computing
  • Analyzed time series data for physical activity classification using machine learning
  • Produced analysis reports using RMarkdown for reproducible research.
  • Created R packages for implementing novel statistical methods available via GitHub in     R and C++

  (2) Teaching assistant:

  • Graded assignments, created assignment solutions, held office hours, and developed     materials for the following courses: Advanced Longitudinal Data Analysis, Biostatistics     Modeling and Methods, Exploring and Visualizing Data in R, Advanced Programming
    and Data Analysis in R.
Augsburg University
Statistics Instructor
Sep 2019 – May 2021 Minneapolis, MN
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Full instructor for the following courses:

  (1) MAT 213: Data Visualization and Statistical Computing (Spring 2021):

  • Use of R for data wrangling and manipulation, data visualization using ggplot2,
    R Markdown, importing and combining data sets, web scraping, basics of natural
    language processing, SQL, interactive visualizations, and dashboards.

  (2) MAT 273: Statistical Models (Fall 2019 & 2020):

  • Predictive modeling using R covering linear regression, logistic regression, and
    time series analysis.
United States Department of Agriculture
Student Intern Agricultural Statistician
May 2014 – Jul 2016 East Lansing, MI
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• Automated the cleaning and analysis of data for a manure application survey using SAS
  macros saving hours of weekly work
• Created report summarizing data from employee satisfaction surveys using SAS macros
  for reproducibility.
• Updated the USDA website by performing maintenance of HTML links and uploading
  weekly crop weather reports to the website.
• Used SAS, ArcGIS, and other programs to analyze and process data from weekly, monthly,
  and annual surveys
Grand Valley State University
Statistics Tutor
Grand Valley State University
Aug 2013 – Apr 2016 Allendale, MI
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• Assisted students with courses covering SAS programming, SPSS, probability and
  distribution theory, hypothesis testing, and descriptive


Visualization of Biomedical Big Data
  • Data visualization using the ggplot2 package in R, and producing templates for use with multiple data sets
  • Interactive graphics for rapid exploration of Big Data and also how to create simple web GUIs for managing complex summaries of biological data using R Shiny
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Reproducible Research for Biomedical Big Data
  • Use of R and R Markdown for producing reproducible documents
  • Techniques for making large-scale data analyses reproducible
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Data Wrangling with R
  • Creating ’tidy data’, data retrieval, manipulation, and formatting
  • Reproducible research using R Markdown and collaborative code sharing using GitHub
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