ASA Statistical Methods in Imaging Conference Presentation


Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data have become increasingly available and are useful for describing functional …

We consider a novel problem, bi-level graphical modeling, in which multiple individual graphical models can be considered as variants …

In all four major North American professional sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey), the primary aim of the regular …


Visualization of Biomedical Big Data

  • Data visualization using the ggplot2 package in R, and producing templates for use with multiple data sets
  • Interactive graphics for rapid exploration of Big Data and also how to create simple web GUIs for managing complex summaries of biological data using R Shiny
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Reproducible Research for Biomedical Big Data

  • Use of R and R Markdown for producing reproducible documents
  • Techniques for making large-scale data analyses reproducible
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Data Wrangling with R

  • Creating ‘tidy data’, data retrieval, manipulation, and formatting
  • Reproducible research using R Markdown and collaborative code sharing using GitHub
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